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We Have Luxurious Jobs but We Are Not Aware of It

Posts about annoying, spammy recruiters [0] and just not feeling like working, when working from home, are popular and regular on HackerNews, /r/programming. And I won’t deny, I do often agree on those topics.

The other day, I realised how messed up that is.

Many of us are struggling to get ourselves to do some work, especially from home. Plenty of us are bashing recruiters sending hundreds of copy pasted messages about the job opportunities [1]. Those are frustrating problems.

However, we don’t see how many people would just love to have problems like that.

My dad spends a day in a sweat shop back home in Lithuania and earns the same in 8 hours what I do in 1, just to affording giving me a chance to be where I am now. Millions of people are struggling to find jobs for a minimum wage [2] for years. Many of them haven’t even thought of working from home. Even more people are getting their butts of the beds every morning, going to the job they hate, just to support the basic needs.

Living in the bubble of Hacker News does distort the perspective. We tend to ignore how luxurious our jobs are. We shouldn’t forget that there is life outside our communities.

[0] don’t get me wrong, there are some really great recruiters!

[1] but I must agree that plenty of them do suck and spending little more time would definitely optimize the returns. But that’s a topic for another post.

[2] and I am sure someone in HN will point out that they should do something to be able to earn more, etc. But that’s not the point.